At DiningWild Excursions we provide you with the ultimate in destination foraging. Both our day trips and extended excursions will provide a complete wild food, hunter and gathering experience.

Not only will we be hunting and foraging on these trips, we will be exploring all that our destinations have to offer. From sight-seeing to cultural emersion, the excursion will explore the landscapes and societies we are visiting. 

Whether it’s discussing the harvest festival with the first nation in British Columbia, or discovering that cowboys in Argentina may be able to win in a fight with John Wayne, our trips will explore the worlds beyond hunting and foraging. 

Each day will start with a fully catered breakfast before we set out for the day. Some days may start very early, before sunrise, so we can coordinate with a tide or our prey. As we spend our days in the bush not only we will be looking for scat and tracks under the tutelage of our experienced guides, we will also be looking for local mushrooms and wild edibles with our foraging experts, helping with our discoveries. 

Lunch will generally be in the field, prepared for us by our catering staff, and featuring as many of our gathered ingredients as possible. There will be opportunities to learn about the processing of all that we bring in, whether in the form of butchering demonstrations, or by making jams from the berry patch that we stumble upon that morning. 

All of these activities are optional, with the chance to participate as much or as little as you wish. This, after all, is YOUR vacation. 

Gourmet dinners will be another highlight of our day, each night revealing new ways to enjoy the fruits of our labors, prepared by the hands of our chefs on staff.

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